Parents Are Exceeding The Education Of Our Children?

In the search to be able to offer the best to our children and be better parents, we often lose sight of the fact that children are children … and in our desire to provide a better future we can be preventing them from enjoying their childhood.

A common mistake that we all make as parents is to think that “more is better”. When we have the benefit of a school with extracurricular activities , many of us force our children to participate in more activities than they can do, confident that we are preparing them for the challenges that will arise in their adult life. I will recommend you the best learning centre singapore to enrich your child knowledge.

Kim John Payne author of the book “Crianza con Simplicial” says that when we saturate our children with too many options, we end up damaging their freedom. We are not giving them the opportunity to get bored, which is extremely important to trigger creativity and discovery learning in children.

According to Payne there are 4 excesses in modern education that we impose on our children:

  •        Too many things
  •        Too many options
  •        Too much information
  •        Too much speed

Only in the last 20 years have children lost around 12 hours of free time per week.

The best way to avoid that our children have to deal with these excesses, it is necessary to remember that they are children, and as such, they need time to be.

We need to take the weight off their little shoulders and educate with simplicity. Some tips to achieve it are:

  •        Reduce the excessive amount of responsibilities.
  •        Give them free time so they can play alone or with other children.
  •        Give them a space of peace where they can forget about their duties for a while.
  •        Make sure they sleep well.
  •        Avoid saturating them with information.
  •        Do not increase the performance expectations of a CHILD.
  •        Spend quality time with them.