How To Give Continuity To My Son’s Studies at Home

The studies of your child should be, not only a priority for him, but for the whole family. It is always important to remember that study habits start at home: nobody is born with them, but they learn; and learning them at home is of vital importance so that later they can be developed during their school education and even after their academic education ends. So how can I continue my son’s studies at home?

As parents, we have an essential function during the educational process of our children, because when they get home it is time to help them to continue learning. Chinese tuition centre singapore is the best place for your children to gain more knowledge.

Make study a habit

Albert Einstein himself said “never consider study as an obligation, but as an opportunity to penetrate the beautiful and wonderful world of knowledge. By giving continuity to the studies of our children we must promote the habit of studying: knowledge and curiosity should be promoted by pleasure, not coercion or obligation. In this way, our son will experience that positive feeling when he learns and his interest will continue to grow.

At home it is very important to motivate our children to investigate about topics they like, whether they are reviewing them in class and want to know more, or that it is a topic that they have not seen and that perhaps is not within their agendas.


A fundamental part to follow up on your children’s learning is to make sure they do their homework. First, it is important that you let them do them themselves, you can review each fraction of an hour to check what they are doing and ask if they have any questions you can answer or something you can help them with.


Another way to help your learning process does not break when you get home is to see if your child is performing poorly in some subject, if so, you can sit with him, put exercises to practice, invite a friend who knows of the topic so that together they learn it or hire a professional to advise him and teach him the same thing with another methodology. Before counseling, remember the importance of meeting with your child’s teacher.

The issue of schedules

The schedules to do homework are very important and it is better that you schedule them so that your child does not forget them; thus, the task becomes routine and it is easier for the child to do it. Try to be available for him at these times, so it will be easier for you to ask for help and in that way, you will know that you are aware of his activities.

Non-formal learning …

Currently, something that is taking a lot of strength is non-formal learning, that is, all those activities that take place outside the school and that are intended to educate, they comply with the planning scheme and with a teaching process, but they are not carried out inside the school.

When they are at home, encourage those activities; he even considers the importance of free time for children. Sometimes you can take them to museums, parks, places of recreation and do activities there to complete and extend their education. In this way, your children will understand that education does not occur, or should not only occur within the classroom and have a formal structure. Apart from that they will enjoy learning, their curiosity, creativity and intellect will greatly increase.