Philosophy of Learning

Company founded by  Jie Shi in 2012 focused on the chinese tuition centre singapore and being able to involve people interested in learning more about the Chinese culture in Asturias .

In our academy students learn and develop in an environment exclusively in Chinese . Taking advantage of the ideal stage to learn languages, so they will learn Chinese in a completely natural way.

At ChinoAstur, it creates an ideal learning environment to learn through total immersion in the language , and to boost the innate curiosity of children and oriented towards art and music, while chinese tuition centre singapore is a human values, such as respect, value of life, sharing and knowing a new culture. In our educational work we use a mix of various educational programs that are fun and have been successfully tested in China.

The quality of the results to other children’s educational centers that try to offer several languages at the same time, in chinoastur we are only focused on mandarin chinese getting very good results.
By using the system of total immersion in Chinese, the child ends up talking in a natural way, and with an extensive vocabulary that allows him to express himself and explore his world.

It has been shown that other academies do not achieve the same result as a chinese tuition centre singapore where they mainly use a language, given that teachers do not have a careful accent or are passing through.

When the teaching is done in several languages, the child ends up “learning” the same basic information several times. You do not have the opportunity to expand your mind with more information and more vocabulary, since you have to repeat the same five words in several languages.

It is always boring to talk about the same thing. He does not learn a good vocabulary or the interesting things about each topic, since a vocabulary that exceeds five words is required.

We want the student to finish speaking naturally and participate in all activities through a wide range of stories, games and songs accompanied by body movements and choreography.

Music is the key present in all education. Many of the songs have been written specifically for children to learn curious things while having fun.

Our academy recognizes the different forms of learning that exist and encourages children to use their five senses to explore the world around them, discovering their different abilities. They sing, dance, paint, plant seeds, cook, mix flour and salt and vegetable colors to make their own “plasticine”.

We prepare children phonetically to be successful with reading. Starting with popular songs and CHINESE children’s poetry, the child naturally assimilates a Chinese vocabulary that gradually increases as it grows. In a playful way, with songs and choreography, children of four and five years old learn to learn, step by step.

It covers topics such as life in the environment, wild and domestic animals, the human body, the five senses, the seasons and plants.

They will have an education with a heart , where each child is valued by who he is as an individual and progresses at his own pace.

They will speak Chinese, with better accent and good vocabulary.

They will discover the Chinese culture through a lot of activities, they will want to be in class every day since each day will be special for them.

They will learn human values that go beyond learning to apologize with a word.